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Why should you have to take your car to a repair shop and wait or get a ride when Power Up Auto can repair your power windows and door locks at YOUR location. We come to your home or business and can complete the repair in less than an hour (usually). Power Up Auto is up EARLY. We can be at your home or business as early as 6am, 6 days a week.

Since 1995 Power Up Auto has been the local expert in the repair or replacement of Auto power windows, door locks, keyless entry, antennae masts, door handles and more. Power Up has options for new, used, rebuilt, or aftermarket parts all with a warranty. 727/410-9995 and we can answer any questions.

(727) 410 9995

Power Up Auto is in all of Pinellas County including:

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(727) 410 9995

We come to you, to fix your problem at a time and place that is convenient for you.

At Power up Auto, We can usually give honest and accurate estimates over the phone. You’ll know what the repair will cost well before we show up.

Remember we never charge for an estimate, only to solve the problem.

We have a 64 T Bird and could not find anyone willing to work on the power windows. I called Power Up Auto and they came down same day. Scott is very creative and talented at this type of work. It was a bit more expensive than I had planned but the windows work like new. The panels were put back on properly, and no one else seemed to want to tackle this. Highly recommend Power Up Auto.

Louis R.

Well let me tell you. First I went to the local Chevy dealer. Now I been going to them for many years. They wanted to charge me over $600 for my Cadillac STS Driver window (regulator). Power Up Auto was able to do it with one of them China parts for $200 with a warranty. When it comes to power window repair this old boy is callin Power Up Auto.

Billy Bob
Pinellas Park

These guys are the rock stars of the power window/power door lock repair industry. Power Up Auto came to my work place and to my home and had it figured out in minutes at a fair price. There were there on time and had the job completed very fast. Nice people to deal with.

John J.
St. Petersburg