Power Window Repair – Ford F150. 2004-2008

The 2004-2008 F Series changed over to a cable regulator/motor assembly. Common problems include the regulator breaking and the glass falling into the door, in which case you may hear a crunching,grinding sound when you press the switch, or the motor failing where you will have no response. If the problem is the switch you may hear a clicking sound in the door when you depress the switch for the down position and no sound when you press the switch for the up position. These switches include all 5 buttons.

The Ford parts are made in Mexico, warrantied for one year and last 8-10 years. The Taiwan/China made aftermarket parts average 12-18 months. That’s an average. We have seen them last longer or fail sooner. The aftermarket parts also may not sound as quiet as the Ford part and may not be as smooth in the travel.

There are two different regulators for the F150. One fits the Standard Cab and Super Crew (4 full size doors). The Ford part number will have 15 in the middle of it for this model. The SuperCab has the 2 smaller suicide doors in the rear. The Ford part number will have 18 in the middle of the part number.

If you find you window working a bit slower that usual try LIGHTLY lubricating the 2 vertical run channels that the glass travels in with any spray silicone. DO NOT spray the seal strip, the horizontal channel your arm would rest on if the window were open. 

Power Window Repair Palm Harbor F150
Power Window Repair Palm Harbor F150
Power Window Repair Palm Harbor  F150 2004-2008
Window Regulator 2004-2008 F150 RF Crew Cab

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Not sure if this is still a thing but below is the link to a possible action against Ford.


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